rates & transit time for package are as following
Product(s) Rates Fuel Fees Other Fees Total Fees Estimated arrival time Ship now

1.The above rates and transit time are for reference only. For more information, please contact your sales.
2.The formula used to calculate the volumetric weight (kg) is Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 6,000 (it may vary with regions and market practice, Standard Express and Economy Express adjust volumetric weight divisor from 6000 to 5000). The shipping rate is determined by the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is greater.
3.Standard Express and Economy Express charge international Fuel Surcharges from April 1, 2019. Please click here to get the Fuel Surcharge on shipments from the Chinese Mainland to overseas countries. SF Express reserves the right to impose the Fuel Surcharge on SF International Heavy Freight, E-Commerce Express and other products without prior notice.
4.The above rates do not include Remote Area Surcharge, Residential Surcharge and other Duties & Taxes. Now, we charge the Remote Area Surcharge and Residential Surcharge of standard express and economy express from Chinese Mainland to US.
5.All international shipment rates (outbound & inbound) are exclusive of any prevailing Government Taxes.
6.The transit time standards refer to working days only, excluding the pickup day, weekends and public holidays.
7.The specific delivery time is subject to the destination postal code. For remote districts or suburbs, extra 1-3 working days may be required.
8.The transit time standards exclude the uncontrollable factors such as detention of shipments and customs inspection.
9.For shipments weighing over 100 kg and requiring formal custom declaration and enhanced transportation capacity, the transmit time will be 2-3 working days longer.
10.Under the premise of complete customs clearance data and there is no risky self-detainment and detainment by customs, the transit time for individual articles and formal declared goods of Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan (HMT) import shall be 1-2 working day longer than the reference transit time, for luggage declared of Chinese Mainland import shall be 2-4 working days longer than the reference time, for formal declared goods Chinese Mainland and HMT export shall be 1 working day longer than the reference transit time of normal goods and 2-3 working days longer for overseas import.
11.To reduce the risks caused by incomplete shipper’s name, declared commodity description or false or inconsistent declared value, the information of shipper and receiver shall be true and effective. Material and usage of the commodity description shall be specified. The value of the consignment shall be declared truly. If the inspection is delayed due to the above-mentioned reasons, All the arisen expenses and related taxes shall be charged from the shipper or receiver.

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